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Software Update Expands VuNow Feature Package

Mountain View, Calif. — Verismo Networks released Tuesday its VuNow 3.0 software update that brings a bundle of new features and content sources to the company’s VuNow Internet TV Platform that lets people watch free Internet videos on their TV.

Versimo said the update resulted from market needs and community requests for greater content access and includes the following:

  • more than 50 additional live TV channels;
  • 35 additional Web sites; and
  • support for Internet radio enabling Shoutcast audio stations, along with video content.

In addition, the update offers a number of new features including:

  • support for 802.11n to expand wireless performance and range over 802.11g;
  •  increased wireless security features including support for security with WPA, WPA2 and WPS;
  • NTFS support — enabling USB ports on the PoD to now read NTFS (in addition to FAT-32) formatted external drives;
  • support for Dolby Digital AC-3 format to let users play multimedia files and movies with audio streams encoded in AC-3;
  • support for PAL in addition to NTSC; and
  • multi-language support.

“We’re committed to continually improving our platform and bringing additional value to our customers and partners,” stated Dhaval Ajmera, Verismo Networks executive VP. “VuNow 3.0 gives users greater access to

online videos, increased options for stored video content and improved wireless security and performance.”

Verismo Networks sells high-definition ($149 retail) and standard-definition ($129) versions of a set-top box it calls “the VuNow PoD.” The PoD’s provide access to Internet videos for the TV including videos from YouTube, videos from popular Web sites, live TV channels and movies.

In addition, the company said it will soon arrange access to CinemaNow streaming movies.

The VuNow PoDs will also enable a DLNA connection or a USB connection to a PC or storage device to allow viewing digital videos, music and photo files directly on the TV screen.

The products are sold directly through the VuNow online store and through select online partners including Verismo said it also plans to license the technology to service providers and equipment manufacturers.

The VuNow HD PoD (VN-1000HD) high-definition unit includes a wireless adapter and HDMI cable. It is a palm-sized device that plugs into any television.

It will output video signals in 480i, 480p and 720p (HD) video formats, and features an HDMI output, RCA component-video and stereo outputs, two USB ports for a wireless adapter and flash or hard-disk storage devices, and an Ethernet connection.

The process of finding and playing videos was simplified through what the company calls “an intuitive user interface” activated with a remote control.