Snow Lizard Launches Solar, Waterproof iPhone Case

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Park City, Utah -- Snow Lizard Products has introduced a ruggedized, waterproof, solar-charging, battery-extending iPhone 4 case and is attempting to launch it on Kickstarter, the social-media invention-funding website.

The Aqua Tek S is said to be waterproof up to 20 feet with a heavy-duty polycarbonate outer shell with rubber grips.

Snow Lizard

The top-loading case completely contains the iPhone but provides access to the camera, volume buttons, speakers and display.

The case is expected to retail for $129. A Kickstarter pledge of $100 secures one of the first cases distributed, in Signal Orange, Black Night or Urban Camo.

Kickstarter offers several levels of pledging for the cases, with various packages up to $5,000, which secures a distribution package of 100 customizable Aqua Tek S cases or a weekend in Park City, Utah, for four days at a resort of the pledge's choice with four guests and four Aqua Tek S cases.

More information and a demonstrational video are available at the

Aqua Tek S Kickstarter page



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