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Snell Unveils Marketing Strategy

Peabody, Mass.High-end speaker maker Snell Acoustics is launching what it calls its most aggressive dealer-incentive program ever as part of a “No Compromise” marketing campaign to promote its ability to provide the best-sound speakers for any application.

Snell offers furniture-grade in-room speakers, speakers designed for in-cabinet placement, and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Under a plan to get dealers to actively demonstrate Snell products, the D&M-owned brand is targeting select dealers to “showcase” one of the company’s furniture-grade Signature or Premier series speaker systems. After the audition, consumers can choose among those series’ furniture-grade, in-cabinet and custom installed options. Similarly, Snell is picking what it calls a more select group of dealers to participate in a similar incentive program for its recently introduced flagship Illusion tower speaker, priced at $25,000 each.

Snell said it is offering “various incentives” to the targeted dealers to showcase the products. The company is also finalizing a variety of collateral material to support what it calls its No Compromise “overall marketing strategy, corporate ethos  and brand-reinforcement message.”

“Our strategy and commitment going forward is to re-create the same unparalleled Snell listening experience [in Illusion] in all loudspeakers, regardless of system needs or configuration,” said chief engineer Joe D’Appolito. D’Appolito has been chief engineer since 2003, but his position is now full-time, and he is devoting his time exclusively to Snell, the company said. He works with senior design engineer David Logvin to direct new product development.

Phil Cohn, Snell’s senior sales and marketing VP, described the incentive program for independent retailers and custom integrators as “our most aggressive dealer incentive programs ever.”

Snell’s flagship Illusion began shipping about two months ago. Several Premier and Signature models fitting into the “No Compromises” strategy are available, but additional models are planned for early 2009.