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Smartphone Photo And Video Use Growing

Smartphones are gaining in importance as photo and video
capture devices, said a study by The NPD Group.

NPD’s study found 27 percent of all still and video images
were captured on smartphones this year. This is up from 17 percent in 2010.

The other impact of this trend is more photos and video are
being captured than ever before. Consumers who use their phone in this manner
are more likely to capture spontaneous actions. However, for important events
they will turn to their single-purpose camera or camcorder, the study found.

This movement has hit the camcorder and low-end digital
still camera market.

Pocket camcorder sales were down 13 percent in units sold
and 27 percent in dollar for the first 11 months of 2011. Traditional flash
camcorders were not impacted as badly, but still saw declines of 8 percent in
units and 10 percent in dollars.

Point-and-shoot camera unit sales fell 17 percent in unit
sales and 18 percent in dollars.

The study did find growth at the higher end of the digital
camera market. Detachable lens camera unit sales increased 12 percent and 11
percent in dollars over the same period with an average selling price of $863.
Point-and-shoot cameras with an optical zoom of 10x or greater saw a 16 percent
increase in unit sales and 10 percent in dollar sales with an average selling
price of $247.