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Smart Watch Uses Body Heat To Power Itself

Matrix Industries has taken to Indiegogo to manufacture what it’s hailing at the first smart watch that will never need its battery recharged — or replaced.

The Matrix PowerWatch employs thermoelectric technology to run exclusively off heat generated from the user’s body, according to the company. The technology will also serve to measure calories burned and power generated from the body.

Design details include a rugged aircraft-grade aluminum construction with changeable watch faces, a military-grade nylon strap, a high-contrast display and water resistance up to 164 feet. It features tracking functionality for activity, sleep, calories and power, as well as the ability to store up to a year’s worth of data.

The device will wireless sync to a smartphone. When the PowerWatch is taken off, it automatically goes into sleep mode and keeps all data in memory, said Matrix, and will turn on after a few seconds when placed back on.

The Matrix PowerWatch is available now for pre order at Indiegogo and will retail for $169 when it ships in July 2017.