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Slingbox Gets New Abilities

Boston — SlingMedia is adding commerce engine software from GetConnected (GCi) into its Slingbox system, enabling Slingbox users to upgrade their connection speed from their cable, DSL or satellite service provider.

GCi has partnerships in place with many of the nation’s broadband service provider to enable consumers to upgrade the service to the most out of the Sling Box video relay system and other services.

GCi will integrate its commerce engine into Sling Media’s SlingPlayer software, which is used in conjunction with Slingbox hardware to watch and control a home-based TV system from anywhere in the world.

Using the SlingPlayer interface, consumers will be notified of the upgraded services and prices available. Higher broadband speeds will enable users to enjoy higher quality audio and video resolution.

The service will bring an additional revenue source to SlingMedia. The GCi feature will be available to new and existing Sling customers starting in the second quarter. The upgraded software will also be available online at

In other news, Sling Media said that it is now supplying Slingbox software that is compatible with Mac computers enabling user to view home TV and Apple TV on their Mac desktop or notebooks.

SlingPlayer for Mac, Version 1.0, includes photo-realistic remote controls as well as the ability to program favorite channels with a full range of viewing modes all leveraging the iconic Mac OS look and feel.

The SlingPlayer for Mac software is available in the United States and Canada to support all Slingbox hardware and can be downloaded for free at and .