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Skype Makes Management Change, Launches Version 3.0

Luxembourg – Skype shook up its top brass on Friday, announcing that president Alex Kazim would return to parent company eBay and Henry Gomez, the current chief marketing officer, would take the reigns.

The company also introduced version 3.0 of its Windows software, integrating a new gaming feature and a “public chats” component in an effort to better link its 136 million global users into a tighter-knit online community.

Kazim joined Skype from eBay following its acquisition 14 months ago. In Kazim’s new role at eBay he will report to Meg Whitman, eBay’s president and CEO, the company said.

Another eBay veteran, Henry Gomez, will assume the role of company president. Gomez was formerly Skype’s CMO and country operations director.

Skype’s new software, Version 3.0 for Windows, is available now for free on its Web site. The program adds online gaming and public chats – the ability to join in multi-person community conversations and discussions pegged around common interests.