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Sixth Avenue Expanding Into Connecticut, Pennsylvania

Springfield, N.J. – Sixth Avenue Electronics, the New York metro area A/V specialty chain, is preparing to expand its footprint into neighboring Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

According to Carl Minue, a sales associate with Sixth Avenue’s real estate representative, R.J. Brunelli & Co., scouting has begun for locations in Connecticut and the Philadelphia suburbs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Minue said Sixth Avenue is also seeking additional sites on Long Island where it now operates two units, having opened its second store there last week. The retailer is preparing to open its 12th location, in Central New Jersey, later this month.

To support the expansion, the PRO Group member is planning to move its distribution center and headquarters from here to a possible Northern New Jersey location, preferably within proximity of the George Washington Bridge. Minue said that Sixth Avenue is looking to acquire a 300,000-square-foot building to house the new facilities, noting that the founding Temiz family prefers to own rather than lease its real estate, including store sites.

Marketing VP Rudy Temiz confirmed the retailer’s expansion plans. “We’re trying to grow out our geography, and are trying to match the customer base of our best stores to the demographic criteria of adjacent markets,” he told TWICE.

Temiz said the build out is being fueled by double-digit growth year over year. “We’re always re-investing,” he said.