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SiriusXM Readies 2.O Launch


Indianapolis – SiriusXM will launch satellite
radio 2.0 service and two 2.0-capable transportable tuners in about a month,
retail sales VP Mike Roberts said during the CEDIA Expo, here.

The company’s first universal tuner, intended for in-vehicle
installation and connection to multiple brands of satellite-ready head units,
will not support 2.0 service, but a new version will be available with 2.0
compatibility next year, he said.

The service will add 30 channels of programming transmitted
through XM satellites. Sirius satellites will not deliver the service to either
aftermarket or automaker-installed Sirius tuners, but he said he expects automakers
offering Sirius tuners to move to the XM satellite platform.

As previously announced, the transportable tuners will offer
replay and time-shift functions, as some current satellite-radio tuners already
do. The additional channels will also be available through the company’s
Internet-delivered service, which as previously announced will add on-demand
music and talk programming early next year. Through the satellite-delivered
service, however, on-demand programming — other than recorded time-shifted
content — will not be available, he said.

 The satellite service
will use “bandwidth cloning” technology to offer 30 additional channels without
reducing sound quality, Roberts said.