SiriusXM To Develop Android-based Products


New York - SiriusXM plans to use the Android OS in next-generation vehicle, portable and home audio products using embedded software from software developer Teleca.

Seattle-based Teleca developed an Android-based reference solution that "allows SiriusXM and third-party developers to quickly build out new products and thereby retain their competitive edge," said Teleca USA president John Trobough.

The satellite company's intent, Teleca chief technology officer Andrew Till told TWICE, "is to use Android as their default platform across a wide range of devices within their portfolio to maximize reuse and to enable new and innovative services to be delivered to their consumers."

Although he wouldn't comment on specific products to come, Till noted that "in general, one would expect Android to be delivered with a touch screen as this is core to the platform design and CDD [Android compatibility definition document] requirements."

Till also told TWICE that "as part of the platform we are creating for SiriusXM, if they wanted to make the service available via smartphones [and multimedia tablets] over Wi-Fi and cellular, then this would be possible."

For his part, Sean Gibbons, SiriusXM aftermarket product marketing VP, said his company is working with Teleca "to develop a complete platform strategy for delivering our unique and compelling programming to consumers." SiriusXM worked with Teleca because of Teleca's experience with Android and the company's strong background in radio interface integration," he said.


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