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SiriusXM Cellular-Based Telematics Could Deliver Personalized Radio

New York – Satellite-radio broadcaster SiriusXM will provide OnStar-like telematics services for Nissan vehicles, the two companies announced.

The cellular-based telematics system will also be a stepping stone to offering personalized in-vehicle entertainment services, SiriusXM said.

Nissan will be the first automaker to offer the telematics service, which includes cellular-based stolen-vehicle tracking, roadside assistance, and 24/7 emergency support. Subscribers will get a consolidated bill for both SiriusXM radio and telematics services as well as a central web site for managing subscriptions.

Nissan didn’t say when the service would be available to Nissan buyers.

In the future, the satellite-radio broadcaster “has the ability to combine satellite and cellular networks to expand coverage beyond traditional cellular-based telematics services,” SiriusXM said. The “blend” would “also create the potential for personalized services and next-generation audio offerings that could unlock SiriusXM’s vast catalog of entertainment assets,” the company continued.

Presumably, SiriusXM wants to bring personalized radio service and on-demand service to the car. The company has already announced plans by year’s end to offer a personalized radio service over the Internet to PCs and to smartphones, enabling users to tailor music channels to their tastes. In addition, the company earlier this year launched on-demand programming for users of its Internet streaming service to PCs and to Apple and Android mobile devices.

With the on-demand service, subscribers choose episodes from more than 200 previously aired shows that they might have missed. The shows include more than 2,000 hours of exclusive talk and entertainment shows, commercial-free music shows, and comedy and sports shows. SiriusXM listeners also get access to the company’s exclusive Artist Confidential series and Town Hall specials as well as to exclusive subscriber events, music specials, and sports interviews. Available content is updated daily. Select on-demand shows are with minimal commercials. Music programming is commercial-free.