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Sirius XM iPhone App Set To Debut

Charlotte, N.C. — NiceMac is launching a Sirius XM application for the iPhone that  will allow access to Sirius and XM Internet feeds that offer most Sirius or XM channels.

The application, called uSirius Starplayer, was submitted to Apple for approval on Saturday, Jan. 31, and could be available to consumers through the Apple App Store within a week or up to several months, depending on the Apple approval process, said NiceMac co-partner Todd Bruss.

uSirius provides access to Sirius or XM Internet feeds (without the need for an antenna) via a Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE connection. The application is expected to carry a one-time charge of between $12.95 and $19.95. The service will also require a $12.95 monthly subscription to either Sirius or XM, said Bruss.

A 37-year-old software developer, Bruss said the company receives “about 100 emails a day” asking when uSirius will be released. He’s hoping the app will sell 1 million to 2 million copies in its first year.