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Sirius Signs NFL Deal

New York – Sirius Satellite Radio announced today that it signed a seven-year deal with the National Football League to broadcast games starting next season and to add the Super Bowl in 2005.

Sirius heralded the agreement as a major programming coup as it now offers live games from the NBA, NHL and NFL.

Sirius will begin broadcasting NFL games in the 2004 season, carrying the full regular season and the Wild Card and Divisional playoffs. The following year the Conference finals and Super Bowl will be broadcast.

Sirius will create ‘The NFL Radio Network,’ as part of the agreement, which reportedly cost the company $220 million, $188 million in cash and $32 million in Sirius stock. The company claims, it is now a leader in sports programming.

An XM Satellite Radio spokesman said, “We had looked at this deal too, very closely; and given that it was extremely expensive and that the NFL is carried on hundreds and hundreds of local radio stations, and given that this is primarily a TV event, we did not feel it was worth that level of investment.”