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Sirius Shortages To Find Relief

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Responding to severe shortages on a key Sirius tuner, new Sirius distributor Audiovox said it will improve supplies of the product this month with consistent supplies to follow.

Retailers said the Sirius universal SCC1 tuner that works with many in-car radios has been out of stock since Feb. 1, when Audiovox assumed the role of master distributor for Sirius, replacing DEI Holdings.

Crutchfield and others called the shortages “acute.”

Audiovox said it inherited the shortages. “Basically, when the transfer of inventory took place from the DEI inventory, there wasn’t enough to satisfy demand,” said Audiovox OEM group VP Rick Monpetit. “Orders have been placed, and we expect to have inventory this month, with a consistent flow of inventory following this month,” he added.

Audiovox will also announce new programs in the coming weeks for new customers and said, “There may be a couple of price changes, not necessarily increases. Were looking at all models to see what the market warrants,” said Monpetit. 

Audiovox has been the XM key distributor since 2005 and is now master distributor for both Sirius and XM.