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Sirius Launches 1st Branded Model

New York — Sirius announced today it will deliver the first Sirius branded plug-and-play product this fall.

Called the Sportster, the new plug-and-play unit will offer special features tied the National Football League. It will allow users to display the logo of their favorite NFL team on the unit’s screen, alert users to when their favorite team is playing, and offer special preset station options for tuning into a game.

A spokesman for Sirius said the unit will have a list price of $99 and will be distributed by an as-yet unnamed third party. Sirius will also offer home and car kits for the Sportster.

Separately, Sirius announced that Mazda will offer Sirius as a factory option on six models this fall and that some Tribute SUVs will provide Sirius as a factory feature bundled with one year of service.