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Sirius Expands PC-Free Home Push

New York — Sirius announced its second deal to deliver PC-free access to Sirius Internet Radio via networked music players in the home.

Sirius Internet Radio, an Internet-only version of Sirius’ satellite service, will be available in the home via Logitech’s Squeezebox Duet network music system, Squeezebox network music player and Logitech network music player. The devices connect to home audio systems to stream music from Internet radio stations and music services through a networked broadband modem. The devices also stream music stored on a networked PC.

Last year, Sirius announced a similar agreement with Sonos for that company’s network music system.

Sirius Internet Radio is available at $12.95/month and delivers more than 80 channels of talk, entertainment, sports, and commercial-free music. Logitech plans to make the Sirius service available to owners of existing Squeezeboxes and Transporters via a software update.

The Sonos and Logitech devices also stream Internet radio and music services from other Internet sources without requiring a PC connection.