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SIRAS P.I. Passes 2,000 Law Enforcement Subscriptions

Redmond Wash. – SIRAS, point-of-sale product registration technology provider, has
announced that its crime-fighting tool,
SIRAS P.I., has surpassed 2,000 subscribing police and law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and

The SIRAS P.I. database contains hundreds of millions of product serial number
transaction records and helps link products with cases of identity theft, stolen credit
cards, retail fraud, and organized retail crime, and has helped law
enforcement professionals nationwide apprehend and convict perpetrators of
retail crimes. 

to SIRAS P.I. are free of charge to
authorized law enforcement personnel. Subscribing agencies span North America
and include the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service, the Los Angeles Police
Department, and the New York Police Department.

“Interest in SIRAS P.I. continues to grow because it has
proven itself to be an invaluable tool for law enforcement,” said Peter Junger,
president of SIRAS.

SIRAS P.I. gives law enforcement officials real-time access,
either via the web or a toll-free number, to search the company’s product
database by serial number in order to help them determine exactly where and
when products had been purchased and if they may indeed have been stolen –
either from an individual, from a retailer or

during transit. Law enforcement officials and retailers additionally have the
ability to report stolen

items to the database.

SIRAS P.I. also gives law enforcement officials the
ability to link suspicious or stolen products to specific criminal incidents. For
those items suspected of being purchased with fraudulent tender, including
stolen credit cards or gift cards, SIRAS P.I. allows authorized law enforcement

agents to trace a product’s retail transaction history with pinpoint accuracy.

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