Siras Debuts 24/7 Sales, Returns Service

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Redmond Wash. - Siras is introducing Business Intelligence Dashboard which provides its customers product sales and return patterns on a 24/7 basis beginning on Nov. 1.

Siras said in a statement that due to its "unique ability to track products at the serial number level, it puts an unprecedented level of detail."

The service will be free to Siras' manufacturer subscribers for free through the holiday season and it will announce package pricing after the New Year which will go into effect in spring 2012, said Peter Junger, president.

A version for its retail subscribers with reports designed specifically for their purposes will also be available sometime next year.

Junger said that Siras, "developed this system for our customers based on reports we have developed for them over the past several years. We designed a dynamic dashboard with a variety of parameters and controls to allow our customers to set report parameters based on their specific information needs."

The Business Intelligence Dashboard gives Siras' customers "instant access and dynamic control," Junger said. The company has implemented top tier user-management security and use proprietary algorithms protect client data integrity and confidentiality.

This information is valuable because the data is updated daily and it can provide manufacturers with a history from which they can create more effective net-sales projections when planning new product rollouts; and the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments, if necessary, based on real-time data gathered at different stages of a product's lifecycle, the company said.

Some of the types of unique reports manufacturer subscribers will be able to self-generate and have access to at their immediate convenience include: sales and re-sales (products returned that have no problems, restocked and sold); net return rates; product launch patterns; designate date ranges (to review marketing promotions and/or campaigns, track instant rebate program); and aging of returns.

Maridee Maraz, senior manager of sales and marketing said that an "exchange matrix" feature can show users which products are exchanged and what they are exchanged for.  "A consumer may buy a 17-inch LCD and come back to the store and exchange it for a 24- or 28-inch LCD to trade up because they went how and saw they have more room," Maraz noted.

Siras said that in late in the first quarter of next year it will be adding the following features for manufacturers:

  • Designated Market Area "DMA" filters (regional reporting)
  • Industry comparisons (company "A's" products compared to its industry's combined)
  • Returns as a function of "age"
  • Warranty Reserves Dashboard


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