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Simon Shen: Expanding 3D’s Base

With 26 percent of the world’s 3D printer sales, XYZprinting, led by chairman Simon Shen, is not resting on its laurels.

The company is rapidly expanding it product line, adding a Wi-Fi version of its most popular consumer model, the da Vinci Junior, as well as a new professional da Vinci unit and a 3D food printer.

The company’s parent, The New Kinpo Group, of which Shen is CEO, announced last month an aggressive expansion strategy into Thailand and the unveiling of a new Thai office from which it plans to pursue further growth into the entire Southeast Asia market.

The company is donating 3D printers to Asian universities and offering 3D printer educational support. Knowing how much of the world’s consumer electronics products are designed and manufactured in the region, XYZprinting sees its 3D education efforts as vital to the economic future of the region, and the cultivating of the next generation of innovators as seeds for its own business growth.