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Sim2’s Nero 3D-2 3D DLP

Miramar, Florida –

Sim2 USA

is now shipping the single-chip
Nero 3D-2, 3D DLP projector as the first model a new Nero projector series.

The company said
it will release three additional Nero models in the next few months.

The FullHD 1080p
Nero 3D-2 was designed with a sleek black cabinet and uses the company’s
patented optical light engine and advanced processing electronics to produce
bright, colorful and clear images.

Also included is DynamicBlack
technology for improved black-level performance and an up-to-30,000:1 contrast

The single-chip
DLP design incorporates PureMovie and Pure Motion user modes.  Optional Sim2 3D emitter and glasses are
required to initiate the 3D functionality.

The full line of
Nero projectors, when ready, will include the following: Nero 3D-1, 3D-2, 3D-HB
and Nero 235.

All models include
the Alphapath light engine technology and are designed for use in reference home
theaters, media, family or game rooms, Sim2 said.

The company will
offer a choice of three glass lenses for the projector model, including the T1,
T2 and T3, giving the Nero 3D-2 a total throw ratio of 1.37-3.9:1.

All three lenses
are part of Sim2’s unified throw ratio concept, which simplifies the process of
upgrading within the Sim2 line.

Sim2 is also
offering its Live Colors Calibration 2.0 software that provides complete
control over primary, secondary, and white-point color coordinates in both 2D
and 3D, enabling expert installers to accurately calibrate the final image onscreen
via a user-friendly PC-based interface.

 Pricing for the Nero 3D-2 with different lens
options are as follows:

Nero 3D-2 with T1:
short-throw ratio 1.37-1.66:1 lens: $24,900;

Nero 3D-2 with T2:
long-throw ratio 1.82-2.48:1 lens: $24,900; and

Nero 3D-2 with T3:
long-throw ratio 2.60-3.90:1 lens: $26,750.