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said Monday its SIM2Calc iPhone/iPad app with extensive dealer tools will be available on iTunes for the discounted rate of $4.99 during this week's CEDIA Expo in Atlanta.

The app was previously offered for a limited time for free to authorized SIM2 dealers, and so as a special gesture, the company said that attendees that talk to a SIM2 representative while downloading the app will receive the $4.99 back on the spot.

The effort is being presented at the show to celebrate the SIM2Calc as "an entrant for CEDIA's new Attendee Choice Award and it is another way for SIM2 to put money back into the dealer's pocket," the company said.

"SIM2 is consistently striving to provide our dealers with tools that aid them in achieving the greatest profitability through cost-effective and efficient means," stated Alberto Fabiano, SIM2 USA marketing VP. "SIM2Calc does just that, providing a simple yet intuitive program allowing the designer to offer a truly personalized service, based on the customer's own individual preferences or needs. Instead of relying on generalized tables to find a suitable projection system, SIM2Calc offers the extensive SIM2 product line in the palm of one's hand allowing for quick and accurate calculations, saving valuable time and money for the dealer. We always like to give our dealers the competitive edge and with this offer the rest of the industry can experience it first hand and maybe find a SIM2 product that will fit that project".

The app is described by the company as a collection of calculation tools covering the aspects of home theater video design including: screen type and size, projector model, aspect ratio, throw ratio calculator, geometry settings, viewing angle map and luminance levels.

The tools are organized by that guide the user through the process of designing a SIM2 projection system that adheres closely to industry standards and best practices to achieve reference video quality.

Offering added flexibility, SIM2Calc works in both imperial and metric units and the settings tab gives you the choice between centimeters, meters, inches and feet.

It also provides luminance information in both Foot Lambert and Nits. This program is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.

SIM2 will be showing the SIM2Calc in booth 617 at the 2010 CEDIA Expo, Sept. 23-26 in Atlanta.


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