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Sim2 Shows Domino D80

SIM2 USA will use International CES to show the D80 DLP projector — the newest offering in the Domino high-value compact home theater projector line.

Sim2 said the D80 “delivers much of the core performance of the company’s single-chip flagship HT3000, including true 1,080p resolution, full 10-bit processing and SIM2’s proprietary Alpha Path light engine.” Suggested retail pricing has been set at $9,995.

The SIM2 D80 uses Texas Instruments’ newly introduced 0.95-inch 1,080p DarkChip3 DMD chipset, and is capable of displaying 1,080p source material, such HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, at full 1,920 by 1,080 resolution.

The projector features a new seven-segment color wheel (RGB + Natural Density Filter), end-to-end 10-bit video processing, and a 160-watt high-output lamp to achieve remarkable color depth and fidelity with a contrast ratio of >4,000:1 (Full ON/Full OFF).

SIM2’s proprietary Alpha Path folded light engine allows a footprint of 14 inches by 12.5 inches.

Inputs include HDMI/HDCP, VGA, component, composite and S-Video. Each input can be set with three custom picture settings.

The unit also includes an internal de-interlacing/scaling engine. The D80 is capable of 16:9, 4:3 and letterbox formats, and also includes three custom user settings for each input, allowing for additional aspect-ratio adjustments.

The SIM2 D80 1,080p DLP projector is shipping now with a full-function remote control, in either matte black or matte white cabinet colors.