SIM2 Plans CEDIA Demos

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Miramar, Fla. - SIM2 said Wednesday it plans to present a full theater demonstration at CEDIA Expo 2009, showcasing several key new products.

CEDIA will be held Sept. 9-13 in Atlanta.

"SIM2 has always regarded the CEDIA Expo as our most important show, and this year is no exception," said Massimo Zecchin, SIM2 USA COO. "We continue to make a serious investment to the US market and our industry-leading R&D team continues to deliver products to keep SIM2 in the forefront of the video market. Our combination of unique products and stable sales policies allows our dealers to be confident in the SIM2 brand, and provides them the opportunity to maintain their home theater business during these challenging times."

"We are here for our dealers," said Charlie Boornazian, SIM2's sales and marketing VP. "SIM2 will be prominently exhibiting on the show floor with a full-blown theater demonstration. We will be highlighting key, new products and showcasing exciting new technologies. While some companies have chosen not to exhibit, or to reduce their presence at CEDIA, SIM2 is fully committed to putting on our most exciting show to date. He continued, "We understand that, as a performance leader, we must deliver the message that SIM2 continues to strengthen its product line and is poised to become the premium projector supplier for the custom installation market."


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