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Sim2 Bows C3x Lumis 3-Chip DLP Projector

High-end projector manufacturer Sim2 will use CEDIA Expo to unveil its Grand Cinema C3X Lumis 3-chip DLP projector.

The company said the projector is “among the smallest and highest-performing full HD 3-chip models on the market.”

The Grand Cinema C3X Lumis incorporates Texas Instruments’ latest 0.95-inch 1080p DC4 DLP chipset, Sim2’s Alphapath light engine and Sim2’s enhanced DynamicBlack technology.

The projector is said to have exceptional color depth, a contrast ratio of up to 35,000:1 and brightness of 3,000 ANSI Lumens.

It is also said to achieve increased contrast and black-level performance to produce images that contain the maximum amount of detail possible in dark scenes without compromising black level or the dynamic range of the DLP technology.

Sim2 employs a user adjustable iris, DynamicBlack technology and a new dimmable lamp to achieve the results.

The new Alphapath light engine is featured with two key components: a die-cast aluminum body dramatically improves thermal management to use a more powerful lamp, and a new tapered rod-integrator accepts the raw light energy from the lamp and converts it into a pure and refined beam.

The light spot from the lamp is converted into a 16:9 aspect ratio before it hits the Digital Micromirror Devices.

Sim2 offers the projector with a choice of three lens options allowing greater positioning flexibility. Suggested retail pricing is $34,995 (T1 and T2 lenses). The projector and T3 lens is priced at $36,495. All are shipping now.

Inputs include two HDMI 1.3 (both fully HDCP-compliant), a set of component video, S-Video, composite video and RGB.

Both RS-232 serial and USB ports are added for control and software/firmware communications, as well as 12-volt trigger outputs, and IR-sensor inputs.

The projector is housed in a streamlined cabinet designed by Giorgio Revoldini.

Sim2 will make the C3X Lumis available now in the following finish options: high-gloss gunmetal (standard), black, red and white.