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Silicon Image Releases Advanced HDMI Processors

Sunnyvale, Calif. –


unveiled Monday two new port processors — the SiI9573 and SiI9575 —
offering fully integrated HDMI solutions for audio/video receiver (AVR) and DTV

These new processors were said to include industry-first features
intended to simplify the consumer home theater experience.

Among the new capabilities are six HDMI inputs with InstaPort S
technology for single-second port switching; a full 6-by-2 ViaPort matrix switch
to support multi-zone applications; 300MHz HDMI to support 4K-by-2K, 1080p120
and 1080p60 3D video; InstaPrevue technology on six inputs for easily finding
and selecting content on source inputs; and dual MHL input ports for HD content
input from smartphones and tablets.

“The SiI9573 and SiI9575 port processors continue Silicon Image’s
tradition of being first-to-market with the latest connectivity innovations
that go above-and-beyond the standard,” said Alex Chervet, SI marketing senior
director.  “InstaPort, InstaPrevue, ARC,
MHL and ViaPort matrix switch allow our customers to deliver top-notch products
that drive new levels of consumer satisfaction. “

The fully integrated 6-by-2 ViaPort matrix switch in the SiI9575 enables
AVRs to distribute high-definition A/V content to a second DTV or HD projector
— a feature previously relegated to only the most expensive AVRs due to
implementation costs.

Users can independently select two of the six HDMI inputs for two
separate zones in the home.

A parallel digital video input enables conversion of analog video
to HDMI allowing the Matrix Switch feature to be used with analog video sources
as well the six HDMI inputs.

In addition to InstaPort S technology, the SiI9573 and SiI9575
both include the InstaPrevue technology, which provides live picture-in-picture
previews for every HDMI input connected to a DTV or AVR.

A built-in onscreen display provides text menus and simple
graphics along with InstaPrevue making it easier and more cost-effective than
ever to build a complete user interface.

Two MHL ports are included for connectivity to mobile
devices.  MHL technology is a rapidly
growing HD audio/video connectivity standard that enables a mobile device to
transmit 1080p uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio
over five pins, while also supporting HDCP content protection. 

MHL-enabled TVs and AVRs, such as those based on the SiI9573 and
SiI9575, provide power to the mobile device when connected, ensuring that the
phone battery is charged and ready to use even after viewing a full-length
feature movie.  Consumers are also able
to control MHL-enabled mobile devices using the existing TV or AVR remote.

For AVR and home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) designs, the SiI9573 and
SiI9575 provide 7.1-audio extraction including high bit rate audio formats such
as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

For DTVs, the SiI9573 and SiI9575 support the HDMI Audio Return
Channel as well as Silicon Image’s ViaPort technology for high bit rate TV
audio output.  ViaPort-enabled TVs allow
the TV to act as the main connectivity hub to provide a single high bit rate
output to the AVR.

The SiI9573 and SiI9575 port processors are sampling to customers
now, and are being shown at Silicon Image’s demo suite in the APA Hotel &
Resort during CEATEC Japan 2011, held Oct. 4-7 in Tokyo.