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Sigma Updates Photo Pro Software

Ronkonkoma, N.Y. — Sigma introduced Thursday its Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 software, which includes upgrades and updates for both Mac and Windows platforms, as well as a new Monochrome Mode processing interface.

The updated software is now available to download in both Mac and Windows versions.

Sigma said the new Monochrome Mode features several new functions, including a channel-mixing palette, which allows users to control the level of red, green and blue within an image for better tonal separation and contrast.

A new grain palette feature will allow users to add or reduce the size and strength of grain within an image, producing a texture and dimension similar to that found in film photography.

Paired with the Foveon sensor in Sigma cameras, Monochrome Mode brings out the greater detail and shading in black and white images, Sigma said.

The Foveon X3 image sensor allows the camera design to bypass the need for an anti-aliasing filter, which causes image blur, as well as a color filter array which reduces image sharpness.

 Other changes to the updated Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 software include:

•        Design change for fringing reduction

•        Updated adjustment settings: Selecting “Auto” chooses the appropriate preset value for the color mode (only compatible with the data of the SD1, SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill, DP3 Merrill)

•        Ensures TIFF files save completely

•        Added Monochrome Mode interface (only compatible with the RAW data from SD1, SD1 Merrill, DP1 Merrill, DP2 Merrill, DP3 Merrill)

•        Ensures color consistency on Macs when viewing X3 files in SPP compared to the same file in JPEG opened with the default Mac preview mode

•        Ensures SPP reflects the data of the latest lenses on Windows