Shure Debuts Over-Ear Headphones

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Niles, Ill. - Shure has introduced its first over-the-ear headphones engineered for studio applications.

"Recording engineers need three critical things: flat, natural audio reproduction, comfort during extended wear, and gear that can stand up to the rigors of everyday use," said Scott Sullivan, global product management senior director, in a statement.

"To perfect those attributes, we combined Shure's legacy of working with sound engineers and recording artists with the depth of experience we gained with our consumer line of sound-isolating earphones."

The SRH840, SRH440, and SRH240 all feature closed-back, circumaural designs, meant to be comfortable while wearing for long periods of time.

The SRH840 ($199) professional monitoring headphones are said to offer reference-quality frequency response, rich bass, clear mid-range and extended highs.

The SRH440 ($99.99) professional studio headphones are designed for professional audio equipment, including DJ mixers, mixing consoles and headphone amplifiers, said the company.

Finally, the SRH240 ($59.99) professional quality headphones are said to be calibrated for connection to consumer listening devices and professional equipment, such as mixing consoles.

All three models will be available this summer, and they will come with a two-year limited warranty.


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