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‘Shrek’ Comes To HD DVD Rescue

Wayne, N.J. — Toshiba and DreamWorks Animation SKG launched Thursday an advertising campaign supporting the exclusive high-definition release in HD DVD format of “Shrek the Third.”

TV ads used in the campaign spotlight the picture quality of the HD DVD version of the film and reinforce the consumer benefits of watching movies on HD DVD, Toshiba said.

The 30-second TV commercials use the characters Donkey and Gingerbread Man, who discuss with studio execs how life-like they become when viewed on HD DVD.

The two TV ads, which started airing this week, will run against prime-time network programming and on several cable outlets, the companies said.

The ads incorporate the tagline “It all begins with HD,” to convey that DVD is taken to the next level with HD DVD.  

“Because our films are created digitally, the best way to watch ‘Shrek the Third’ is on HD DVD,” stated Ann Daly, DreamWorks Animation COO. “With our films now in this format, families can get the highest-quality viewing experience on their home televisions in HD.”

“Shrek the Third,” which will hit shelves Nov. 13, is expected to stand alongside “Transformers” and other recent hi-definition releases exclusive to HD DVD from Paramount, DreamWorks and Universal as major draws during the critical holiday selling period. Toshiba and/or its retail partners are also sweetening the pot with aggressive pricing on HD DVD players going into the holidays.

The third installment of the Shrek series features the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz.

The film will also offer content exclusive to HD DVD such as picture-in-picture features; customizable character menu skins; and Web-enabled network features like Shrek’s Trivia Track, The World of Shrek and Donkey’s Digital Coloring Book.

To further promote HD DVD to consumers over the coming months, Toshiba said it will continue to offer free movies with the purchase of any of its HD DVD players.

In specially marked boxes of Toshiba’s third-generation HD DVD player lineup, consumers will take home the highly acclaimed HD DVD movies “300” from Warner Home Video and “The Bourne Identity” from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

In addition, “The Perfect HD Offer,” running through Feb. 28, 2008, enables purchasers of any Toshiba HD DVD player to select five HD DVD titles for free, from a selection of 15, via a mail-in offer. Full offer details are available here.