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Sherwood Wields Automatic EQ

Indianapolis – Sherwood went to the CEDIA Expo to unveil automatic room equalization for its receivers and an HDMI switcher/up-converter [transcoder].

The Newcastle-series R-771 A/V receiver at a suggested $599 offers SNAP (Sherwood Newcastle Automatic Parametric EQ), which is also being included as a running change to the current R-965 and R-865 receivers and the P-965 tuner/preamp processor. Consumers who already own these models can get SNAP added for $100 if they ship it to Sherwood for the upgrade.

SNAP adds seven bands of parametric EQ to each of seven channels after measuring the frequency response of each channel at 1/12th-octave increments, applying equalization to the frequencies most in need of it. Dual Point EQ lets users and installers measure the system performance at two different points in the room to improve system performance at both places.

The new R-771 also features video up-conversion to component video, multiroom multisource operation, RS-232 control, field-upgradeability and more.

Sherwood’s Newcastle HSB-600 HDMI Link lets HDTV owners up-convert the component output of an A/V receiver to HDMI and also switch between two HDMI sources to maintain a single cable A/V connection from receiver to digital TV. The $299-suggested device adds digital audio to the converted HDMI data stream. The device doesn’t up-scale a receiver’s component-video output to 720p or 1080i HD, instead leaving it up to the HDTV to do the upscaling, the company said. If the receiver itself up-converts composite- and S-video analog sources to component video, the device will also deliver those sources via HDMI to an HD display.

It can also split off digital audio from any HDMI input for processing and amplification by the consumer’s A/V receiver or pre/pro. It’s controllable by both RS-232 and IR.