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Sharper Image Launches Ad Push

New York –
The Sharper Image is launching a TV ad campaign and added billboards in New
York City’s Times Square, among other venues nationwide.

The size of
the ad budget was not disclosed.

The campaign
includes signage in sports arenas, freeway billboards and brand signage in high
traffic airports. The television campaign began airing on leading national and
cable stations nationwide throughout the holiday season.

billboards in the heart of Times Square have debuted earlier this month and are
located on 47th Street and Broadway, and 42nd Street and Broadway.

advertising campaign’s brand message will focus on the concept of a Sharper
Living experience embodied by products, which include an e-reader, shiatsu
massagers, wine accessories, luggage and a host of unique electronics,” said Federico
de Bellegarde, licensing senior VP at

Sharper Image.

addition, The Sharper Image billboards currently appear at two ballpark
locations: New York’s Yankee Stadium and the Rangers’ Ballpark in Arlington,

billboard locations on major freeways around the country include the Long
Island Expressway, New Jersey Turnpike, I-494 in Minneapolis and Chicago’s W.
Ontario Street, as well as brand signage in the country’s highest-trafficked
airports: JFK, LAX, DFW, Atlanta’s Hartfield and Chicago’s O’Hare, among