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Sharp Trims Prices On AQUOS LCD TVs

Moving into the Holiday selling season, Sharp announced price cuts to select models in its line of AQUOS LCD TVs.

In fully integrated HDTV sets with CableCARD compatibility, Sharp cut the suggested retail prices of its 32W-inch LC-32GD4U and LC-32GD6U from $4,499.95 to $3,499.99, and its 26W-inch LC-26GD4U and LC-26GD6U from $3,499.95 to $2,999.99. The 37W-inch LC-37GD4U and LC-37GD6U have $5,999.99 suggested retails each.

In HD LCD TV monitors, the suggested retail price for the 37W-inch LC-37G4U is $5,499.99, the 32W-inch LC-32G4U is $3,999.99, the 26W-inch LC-26GA4U was cut from $2,999.95 to $2,499.99, and the 20W-inch LC-20B6U-S is $1,199.99.

Prices on other AQUOS LCD TVs are as follows: the 13-inch LC-13S2U-S ($ 549.99); the 15-inch LC-15B6U-S ($649.99), LC-15S1U-S/B  ($599.99), LC-15S2U-S ($649.99) and LC-15PX1U  ($1,099.99); and the 20-inch LC-20S1U-S/B  ($999.99), LC-20S2U-S ($1,099.99), and LC-20PX1U ($1,599.99).