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Sharp, TBS ‘Lights Out’ Promo Set For Playoffs

Mahwah, N.J. — Sharp Electronics and Turner Broadcasting Systems (TBS) are launching the “Lights Out Challenge” to encourage Major League Baseball’s (MLB) fans to turn off their lights while watching the game.

During Game Four of the American League Championship Series (ALCS) viewers will be asked to conserve energy across America simply by turning out their lights, the companies said.

“This promotion fits well into our company focus on creating energy-creating products, such as solar-electricity solutions, and energy-saving products like LCD TVs,” said Doug Koshima, chairman/CEO of Sharp Electronics.

“We hope that this consumer initiative will not only save a significant amount of energy, but that it will inspire consumers to continue to take steps in their daily lives to increase their environmental conservation.”

This promotion consists of a 45-second commercial that will begin airing Oct. 1 during each game of the MLB Division Series, and will run through Game Four of the ALCS on Oct. 14. The spot will discuss the importance of conserving energy and end with a consumer call-to-action asking fans to turn off non-essential lights in their homes when watching Game Four, and drive fans to a micro site on (

On this site, fans will learn more information about the challenge and will be able to register to be a part of this nationwide initiative by entering the number of lights they plan to turn off during the game, along with their ZIP code.

Fans can also enter a sweepstakes through the site to win a 46-inch or 42-inch  Aquos LCD TV. Sharp Aquos is the official HDTV of Major League Baseball.

A map of the United States on the micro site will keep track of which states have turned off the most lights. During the postgame on TBS, announcers will reveal the results of how much energy was saved in leading states and across the United States.