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Sharp To Supply LCDs For Olevia

Tempe, Ariz. — Syntax-Brillian, marketers of value-oriented Olevia-branded LCD TVs, said Wednesday it has signed an agreement to acquire LCD panels from Sharp Electronics, including an exclusive sourcing arrangement on Sharp’s advanced 120Hz 65-inch panels.

Under the terms of the deal that was disclosed by Syntax-Brillain, Sharp will supply the company with a minimum of 700,000 LCD panels during 2008 for 32-inch, 37-inch, 52-inch and 65-inch screen sizes. Syntax-Brillian will also have an option to purchase additional LCD panels as needed based on market demand, according to a company statement.

The agreement gives Syntax-Brillian and Taiwan Kolin “the exclusive right” to purchase 65-inch 120Hz LCD panels through September 2008, Syntax-Brillian said.

“We believe that the 65-inch 120Hz LCD panel is the most technologically advanced panel produced by Sharp and we are proud to offer our channel partners and customers the largest, mass produced LCD TV currently available,” stated James Li, Syntax-Brillian CEO. “As we approach the 2008 Summer Olympics, this strategic alliance enables us to provide consumers with the best selection of high performance LCD TVs. Finally, this agreement strengthens our pipeline of LCD panel supply as we prepare for continued growth in 2008.”

Sharp is one of the world’s foremost pioneers of large-screen LCD development and remains one of the largest producers of high-quality large-screen LCD panels. It is in the process of expanding production to high-volume, very-large-screen products in Japan.