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Sharp Shows Low-Power LCD TV

At an “Environment Showcase” staged for the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs G8 Hokkaido-Toyako Summit, Sharp demonstrated a prototype 26-inch LCD TV that was said to consume one-third the power of conventional LCD TVs of similar size, according to a report from the Nikkei News Service.

The TV was said to use one third the power of Sharp’s current 26-inch LC-26GH3, which was introduced in 2007, and was expected to use half as much power on an annual basis, the company said.

Exact power-consumption levels and other statistics were not disclosed, but Nikkei said the power consumption and annual power-consumption levels were estimated to be about 40W and 60kWh, respectively. The company did not announce when the TV will be ready for market.

Sharp said it reduced the power consumption of the LCD TV to a point where a solar battery as large as its screen could provide enough electricity to power the set. Sharp indicated the TV therefore could be effectively used in off-grid areas, according to the report.

Sharp did not disclose the technology it used to reduce the power-consumption levels.