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Sharp Boosts LCD Panel Output

Tokyo — Sharp will reportedly boost LCD panel production efficiency by 20 percent as it increases panel production output at its Kameyama No. 2 plant.

According to a report from the Nikkei news service, this year Sharp plans to introduce new production technology for 32-inch panels at the plant that will enable producing 18 panels — up from 15 panels — from eighth-generation glass substrates.

In July, production at the plant will be increased to allow for processing of 90,000 glass substrates per month, up from the current 60,000 units. Sharp said the higher output and the new production technology will enable almost doubling output to 19.44 million 32-inch panels per year.

The news comes as Sharp prepares to expand production to accommodate recent agreements for sales of LCD panels to other TV manufacturers as worldwide LCD supplies continue to tighten.