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Owing Mills, Md. - Jack Shafton, who left Paradigm Electronics recently as sales and marketing VP, has turned up as sales and marketing VP for GoldenEar Technology, the

home-speaker startup

led by president Sandy Gross.

Shafton, an audio-industry veteran of almost 35 years, was with Paradigm Electronics for 15 years, the last five as sales and marketing VP for the company's Paradigm-brand speakers and Anthem audio electronics.

Gross, co-founder of Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, announced the launch in June along with business partner Don Givogue, who was also a founder and principal of Definitive.

Both Definitive and Polk are owned by Directed Electronics.

GoldenEar will target A/V specialists and custom installers "with a real focus on marketing and dealer support to create a highly profitable line" that will draw consumers into their stores, Shafton said.

The startup will initially offer a limited number of in-room speakers "in order to make it as easy as possible for dealers to add GoldenEar Technology to their mix," Shafton continued. The initial products will "embody significant engineering breakthroughs and will adhere to the highest standards of superb sonic performance, elegant, sophisticated styling and exceptional value," he said.

 "Passion for incredible sound," he added, "is what has always driven this business and helped to create all the great audio companies of the past, and it's what will make GoldenEar one of the great companies of the future."

 Gross said, "Jack's success in establishing trusted and profitable brands will help secure GoldenEar's position as a highly desirable world-class vendor partner."


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