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SGO Reveals Dolby Vision Support

London — Mistika, SGO’s color grading and finishing platform for content producers will soon support Dolby Vision to enable offering more high dynamic range and wider color gamut capabilities for movie and TV images.

Mistika is becoming increasingly popular among film producers to grade films, such as “The Hobbit Trilogy,” “The Great Gatsby” and “Star Trek Into Darkness,” among others.

Dolby Vision was developed to display high dynamic range (HDR) that expands the range between the darkest and brightest elements of an image, and to offer a wider color gamut.

Dolby Vision also helps deliver true-to-life brightness, colors and contrast by augmenting the fidelity of Ultra HD and HD video signals for over-the-top (OTT) online streaming, broadcast and gaming applications.

Dolby has been adding supporting partners from among manufacturers and content creator since introducing the Dolby Vision program at International CES in January.

More recently, Dolby announced a partnership at the NAB show with digital cinema technology company FilmLight to offer new creative potential to the post production industry.

SGO and Dolby will collaborate to make the Dolby Vision workflow capabilities available in Mistika from version 8.2, which was previewed at NAB and is due for release shortly after IBC 2014.

Dolby Vision-supported TV displays and monitors are expected to soon be available to check color grading.

Vizio, Sharp and TCL have all revealed plans to offer Dolby Vision-supported TVs by the end of the year.

Special-enabled displays are needed to view enhancements that Dolby Vision provides.