Sezmi Ramps Up Service To 36 Markets

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Belmont, Calif. - Alternative multichannel TV service provider


whose hybrid system uses both broadcast and broadband delivery platforms to the home, said Thursday that its Select service package is now available in 36 markets in 23 states.

Starting at $4.99 per month, the service is said to offer subscribers a more affordable alternative to satellite, cable and telco TV service providers, while maintaining access to top shows, DVR recording and on-demand content.

The Sezmi system price starts at $149 and includes a personalized DVR with capacity for up to 1,400 hours of programming, and a digital TV receiver that receives local over-the-air HD and SD TV broadcasts and connects to an established broadband service in the home for Internet carried options.

The $4.99 month subscription includes:

• DVR recording and playback from a 1TB hard drive;

• TV reception through an integrated over-the-air TV antenna and receiver;

ʉۢ expansive on-demand TV and movie offerings;

ʉۢ access to online video through YouTube, podcasts and other online video fare via a broadband connection;

ʉۢ personalized content recorded and organized on the system for each member of the household (Sezmi also searches all of the available content and makes program recommendations); and

• a program guide to find and tune programs.

Beginning in late 2010, Sezmi said it will offer a second subscription option that will include a lineup of the most-watched cable channels.

Those who are interested in the expanded offering can subscribe to Sezmi Select now, and upgrade their service tier once the cable network programming becomes available in their market.

Customers can see if their address qualifies for service at

, where they can also order a system.

Sezmi equipment is also carried on



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