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Sezmi Dumps Consumer Service

Belmont, Calif. –


announced over
the weekend that it is winding down operations and users will no longer have
access to broadcast TV content, effective today, Sept. 26.

Sezmi, a hybrid Internet streaming and broadcast multichannel TV service designed to offer a robust and less-expensive alternative to cable services, said that to help ease the transition, Sezmi said, users will be able to
continue to view programming stored on their Sezmi media recorders and rent any
movies and shows available at no charge from Sezmi’s On Demand catalog through
Nov. 1.

In a letter on the company’s website, Sezmi said it dropped the
direct-to-consumer portion of its business as it changes “its business focus to
providing our product and technology platform to service providers,
internationally and in the U.S., who are interested in providing broadband
video services to their customers.”

Sezmi customers will no longer be billed for Sezmi service, and
the programming guide and recording function on the media recorder will be
deactivated on Sept. 26.

Movies and shows already saved to the recorder and YouTube access
will not be affected.

“Thank you for having allowed us to serve you,” stated Sezmi’s letter
to its customers. “We sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and loyalty our
customers have shown. Sezmi was launched to provide customers a new video
entertainment choice that provides a premium video experience at a more
affordable price. With our new company focus, we will continue to develop our
video solutions and provide them to service providers who will be in a better
position to offer the service to much broader customer base.”