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Sept. TV Pricing Down 22%

Austin, Texas — Global TV internet pricing for television sets declined an average 22 percent at the end of September from the year-ago period, according to the new DisplaySearch Monthly Global TV E-Tail Pricing & Specification Database.

According to the study, average PDP TV e-tail prices fell 27 percent year over year in September 2008. CRT TV e-tail prices, on the other hand, rose 4 percent year over year.

The report tracks e-tail price trends for LCD TVs, PDP TVs and CRT TVs by major screen size in the North America, Europe, Japan and China regions.

DisplaySearch’s research also shows that for LCD TVs, Europe experienced the biggest drop, down 30 percent year over year, followed by China, North America and Japan, down 20 percent, 16 percent and 4 percent, respectively. But for PDP TVs, China had the biggest decline, falling 33 percent, followed by Europe, North America and Japan.

In general, the larger screens had more price erosion, DisplaySearch said. For example, 52 inch LCD TVs fell almost 30 percent year over year, while 20-inch LCD TVs fell only 4 percent.

In North America, the average e-tail price of 52-inch LCD TVs fell 30 percent year over year to $1,951 from $2,791. Meanwhile, 40-inch LCD TVs fell 21 percent year over year, from $1,915 to $1,508.

Table 1: LCD TV E-Tail Average Price by Size and Region

Table 2: PDP TV E-Tail Average Price by Size and Region

Table 3: E-Tail Price Comparison of LCD TV vs. PDP TV in China

Table 4: TV Price Index