Sensory: Cellphones To Recognize Master's Voice

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New Orleans -


will turn up at this week's CTIA Wireless 2012 with upgraded speech-recognition technologies that wake up a phone via a verbal command and automatically adjust a cellphone's personal settings based on the person speaking.

One of the technologies, called speaker verification, lets users wake up their phone by speaking a predetermined verification or wake-up phrase preset by the cellphone's manufacturer and activated by the user. The technology makes it unnecessary for users to unlock their smartphone by typing in a four-digit number or swiping a finger across the touchscreen.

The technology recognizes a particular person's voice print, allowing the user to say a word or phrase that will both verify the user's identity and wake the device up, the company said.

"Mobile devices still require tactile interactions before users can enable voice-recognition and voice-control functions," CEO Todd Mozer said in describing the advantages of Sensory's speaker-verification technology.

The speaker-verification technology can be paired with the company's new speaker-identification technology, which uses a person's voice to call up a specific user's preferences and settings. With the technology, a cellphone can be trained to recognize the settings of multiple users.

"As voice control of consumer devices becomes more prevalent, Sensory's speaker identification technology will improve the user experience on shared devices by providing recommendations and suggestions based on an individual's habits, behavior and lifestyle or automatically adjusting the device to the user's unique preferences," said Mozer.

The two technologies are available for Android phones under license from Sensory, which is based in Santa Clara, Calif.


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