Sensio Gets 3D To 2D Tech Patents

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Montreal -

Sensio Technologies

said Monday it has patented in the United States and India its S2D Switch technology that enables viewing 3D content in 2D.

 The technology is designed to enable multiple people to view on 3D program together as 2D, regardless of the number of 3D glasses available in the home.

The system is said to extend consumers' accessibility to content and

"ensure they get the most out of their investment in their 3D-enabled TV," Sensio said.

For example, a movie purchased in 3D via video-on-demand (VOD) and recorded on a DVR can be viewed in 2D with the entire extended family on Thanksgiving evening, regardless of the number of pairs of 3D glasses owned. Later it can be viewed in its fully immersive 3D version.

"This patent grant adds a vast and fast-growing market for the Sensio S2D Switch," stated Nicholas Routhier, Sensio president and CEO. "The ability to view 3D in 2D is essential technology for TV manufacturers, and we anticipate that demand for our patent license will be positively impacted."

Sensio said it now has patents pending with the European Patent Office as well as Japan and China.


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