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Sennheiser Adds Gaming Headsets

Old Lyme, Conn. — Despite all the attention being paid to the current console wars, Sennheiser addressed the PC gamers with the unveiling of two new gaming headsets: the G4me Zero and G4me One.

It also announced a partnership with Io-Interactive that has the game developer using Sennheiser’s equipment when developing and recording game sound. This will result in gamers experiencing sound the way the developers intended, the companies said.   

The G4me Zero ($279) and One ($249) PC gaming headsets feature built-in mics with noise canceling; volume controls integrated into the ear cups; and the ability to mute the mic by lifting the boom.

The Zero has a closed design with leatherette memory-foam ear pads while the One has an open design with velvet-covered ear pads.  

Frequency response for the Zero headphones is listed at 10Hz to 26kHz, with 50Hz to 16kHz for the mic. The One has the same response for the mic, but the response for the headphones is 15Hz to 28kHz.   

They are both currently available.