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Senate B’casts To Go HDTV By Fall

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The proceedings of the U.S. Senate will be available to media outlets in HDTV.

According to Tom Campbell, board member and spokesperson for Hawthorne, Calif.-based CE retailer Ken Cranes, his company was selected to purchase several HDTV-compatible plasma screens. The units selected are 50-inch Pioneer units, he said.

On the broadcasting side, which is not part of the Ken Crane deal, Philips’ dual-feed HDTV/NTSC cameras were selected by the Senate, according to Campbell.

HDTV broadcasts from the Senate floor are expected to begin by the fall and will be available to media outlets nationwide. In addition, since pictures recorded by HDTV are close to the quality as 35mm stills, the Senate is expected to use the system to take still pictures of Senators for the National Archive, Campbell said.