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Security, Convenience Get Smart-Home Focus

Security and convenience are the focus of many new smart-home systems unveiled in time for Christmas gift giving.

The security selection includes iSmartAlarm and Leeo devices that detect the sound of smoke and carbon-monoxide alarms, alerting offsite smartphone users to a potentially dangerous situation. Other security-focused products include cameras from Samsung Techwin and newcomer Ezviz. From Kwisket, a Bluetooth hub lets users control the Kevo Bluetooth doorlock when they’re away from home.

Convenience is the focus of Qube’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth LED bulb and Keen Home’s wireless Smart Vent system, as is the ConnectSense HomeKit-certified smart outlet and a temperature sensor from

Here’s what the companies are launching: A $25 wireless temperature sensors can be used with its $149 smart thermostat to choose a temperature level for a specific room. promotes it as delivering “precision comfort to the rooms where you spend your time, not just where the thermostat happens to be.” Users can also select a wholehome average temperature.

To set room-specific temperatures, consumers would place a wireless sensor on the wall of each room whose temperature matters most to them at some point during the day, the company said.

The sensors and thermostat must be used as part of the company’s smart home-security system, which is sold by installing dealers.

Ezviz: The California-based company, recently spun out of security-video supplier Hikvision, launched a variety of HD security systems. They consist of indoor and outdoor 1080p weatherproof bullet cameras with 100 feet of night vision.

The systems range in price from $349 for a basic four-camera analog system to $1,499 for an eight camera, 16-channel IP system with live, searchable video content. The company will make its CES debut at booth 71172.

Grid Connect: The company expanded its ConnectSense smart-home line beyond wireless sensors to include one of the latest Apple HomeKit smart outlets, priced at $79.

The ConnectSense smart outlet features two electrical sockets that enable users to monitor and control devices plugged into them via the ConnectSense app on their Apple mobile device and via the devices’ Siri voice control feature. Each socket can be individually monitored and controlled. The smart outlet also features 2.4-amp USB charging port. The app also controls other-brand HomeKit devices.

The outlet is available at and the ConnectSense website.

iSmartAlarm: The company’s $99-suggested Spot Wi-Fi camera mounts inside a house and features two-way HD video with nightvision and 4x zoom, two-way audio, 20-foot motion detection, 30-foot sound detection, and local video storage up to 64GB via MicroSD card. Free Cloud storage is available for 30 10-second video clips on a first-in first-out basis. The price of long-term Cloud-based storage hasn’t been determined.

With sound recognition, Spot identifies the sounds of carbon-monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and notifies users when the alarms sound.

The device, being funded via an Indiegogo campaign, is available for presale at $39 to the first contributors, who are expected to receive them in December.

Keen Home: For consumers who don’t own a Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub, a SmartThings Hub, or a Nest thermostat, the company launched a Smart Bridge to deliver smartphone control of Keen’s Smart Vent system.

The price is $39.99 if purchased through the company’s website. It is also available as part of bundled starter kits available through Lowe’s and e-commerce stores.

A second or third Smart Bridge serves as a repeater to extend the bridge’s wireless signal in large homes.

With smartphone control, users can open and close individual Keen Smart Vents if changing a thermostat setting doesn’t provide a desired temperature in a particular room. The wireless vents are available in four sizes at $79 in Lowe’s stores and online stores.

Kwikset: The Kevo Bluetooth-equipped door lock is going long range with the launch of Kevo Plus, a Bluetooth LE-equipped gateway that plugs into a home router. With it, users can monitor and control the door lock from remote locations. The Kevo Plus can be purchased at for $69.99.

Leeo: The company brought its $99 Smart Alert to Best Buy and Lowe’s nationwide after the startup launched the device in October 2014. It’s also available at and Amazon.

The Wi-Fi device plugs into a power outlet to detect the sound of a smoke or carbon-monoxide alarm and alerts users via smartphone if they are away. No monthly fee is charged. It also monitors temperature and humidity in the home.

Lowe’s: The home-improvement chain revamped its DIY Iris smart-home system with faster performance, lower prices, and a selection of products that has grown to 75. The second-generation system is available online at and in Lowe’s stores.

The hub and many devices have also been downsized to look sleeker than before, and the system’s smartphone app has been redesigned for easier use, the home-improvement chain said.

The center of the system is a new $59.99 Smart Hub made by CentraLite with a smaller footprint, a more powerful processor, additional memory, and battery backup. It also adds Bluetooth but continues to control devices equipped with ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and AllJoyn technology.

Qube: The San Francisco startup unveiled the $19 Qube smart LED bulb with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. It will ship direct to consumers in April.

The bulb can be programmed to turn on and change to a preferred color when it senses a Bluetooth-equipped phone or wearable in range.

The device can also be monitored and controlled from iOS and Android phones and the Apple Watch from within the house or remotely.

It’s available for pre-order on Indiegogo at $16 for early adopters.

Samsung Techwin: The $189 Samsung Smart- Cam HD Plus offers 1080p HD streaming, 130-degree lens, and night vision capabilities up to 32 feet. It’s available at Costco’s stores and website.

It also features sound detection to detect loud sounds or a person or pet entering the vicinity. Motion zone selection lets users monitor specific areas within the property and get notifications about any activity there. Users select up to three motion zones in its field of view.