Second SiriusXM 2.0 Tuner Adds Time-Shifting, Wi-Fi


The DVR feature will allow for time-shifting programs and songs, while the Wi-Fi connection would likely stream the broadcasters Internet radio service through a smartphone or mobile hotspot. a product listing on an

online store


As previously announced, the SiriusXM Internet service will add on-demand music and talk programming early next year.

The new tuner, called Lynx SXi1, is "coming soon," the My Radio Store site says. A customer-service rep said it would be available "within the month."

Lynx, dubbed a "portable" tuner by the site, will join the dock-and-play

Edge tuner

as the first two tuners capable of receiving SiriusXM's Sirius 2.0 service, which expands the broadcaster's lineup by 22 channels and will be expanded sometime in the future to offer up to 30 channels.

The Edge tuner features ability to pause, rewind and replay up to 30 minutes of live satellite radio, but the new Lynx, with its built-in rechargeable battery, will be able to record satellite programming in the owner's absence.

The Lynx, according to the My Radio Store site, retails for $249 and plugs into an optional home kit at $69, optional car kit at $249, and a portable speaker dock. Features include a multi-touch touchscreen that displays album art and artist bios.

Though it comes with a 30-hour rechargeable battery, the Lynx does not appear to be intended for on-the-go use like an iPod. The accessories included in the Lynx's packaging do not include headphones, the web site shows. A customer-service rep said the site wouldn't know if it's intended for use with headphones until it gets them in stock.

The customer-service rep also said the Lynx's Wi-Fi would "presumably" enable access to the SiriusXM Internet radio service via a smartphone or mobile Wi-Fi hot spot.

Other Lynx features, the site shows, include:

  • a Love button, which records favorite songs for later listening;
  • My SiriusXM Channel, which builds a playlist from "Loved" songs and artists;
  • My Radio Replays, which automatically records favorite music to a library;
  • Start Now, which lets users listen to favorite programming on their schedule;
  • Show Finder, which provides a complete list of programming;
  • ability to pause, rewind and play live content;
  • microSDHC card slot for transferring media; and
  •   up to 30 hours of operation on a single battery charge.


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