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Sears Struts Kenmore’s Stuff At CES TechZone


Sears has joined the ranks of retail
exhibitors at International CES with a 1,000-squarefoot
space at the new Connected Home Appliances
TechZone (booth 26111) to demo the winners of three
2011 Innovations Design and Engineering Awards,
including a Best of Innovations honoree in the Major
Home Appliances category.

That kudo went to the Kenmore Elite dishwasher with
interactive color LCD controls, which features the first
interactive, full-color LCD touch controls with need-toknow
information such as cycle length and status, use
and care details, and maintenance tips. The 5-inch LCD
screen is located on the top of the dishwasher door and
is hidden from view when closed for a polished look.

The dishwasher itself ensures consistent cleaning
of every item — and eliminates the need to pre-wash
or pre-rinse — thanks to an exclusive 360-degree PowerWash
technology that uses an innovative spray arm
that extends beyond the standard circular motion to
blast every corner of the cavity. The unit also features
exclusive rotating TurboZone spray jets that help remove
baked-on foods.

The LCD touchscreen can also be seen in new frontand
top-load laundry pairs that Sears is unveiling at
the show.

Kenmore won a second award in the Major Home
Appliances category for its Kenmore Live Studio
(KLS), which opened to the public last March in Chicago.
Designed as interactive community center, KLS
brings customers face-to-face with the brand’s latest
product innovations, which are demonstrated during
weekly events. The studio events are also broadcast
live on Kenmore’s Facebook page to provide an interactive
platform for two-way dialogue between customers
and the brand, Sears said. A downsized mock-up
of the KLS is on display at Kenmore’s booth.

The retailer’s third award, within the Enabling Technology
category, is for Kenmore Connect, an innovative customer-
service feature that enables select washers and
dryers to send real-time diagnostic information over the
phone to service technicians via sound transmissions.

The audible “beeps” can carry more than 100 data
points to help pinpoint a problem, including cycle and
option settings; the status of certain sub-systems; operational
information such as air/water temperature,
estimated load size, spin speeds, fill/drain times and
unbalanced load issues; and the mechanical issues
associated with each error code.

The service is free to customers for the life of the
appliance, and is being demonstrated within the
Kenmore booth.