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Sears Enters Home Automation Through The Garage


Sears is taking a
step toward serving the home automation channel
through an unusual entrance, the garage.

The retailer’s Craftsman brand has begun offering
two new garage door opener models that can be
operated remotely via any Internet-connected computer,
tablet or smartphone, from anywhere.

The Craftsman AssureLink DC Chain Drive Garage
Door Opener and AssureLink DC Belt Drive
Garage Door Opener with DieHard Battery Backup
offer homeowners the ability to monitor and open
and close their garage doors via an Internet gateway
or free mobile app for Apple and Android devices.
The AssureLink Gateway connects to an Internet
router via Ethernet cable. Once the Gateway is registered
and activated online, a user can open the
garage door remotely on command, to allow family
members or guests entrance to a house with an attached
garage; allow safe, indoor delivery of packages;
or just check to make sure the door is closed.

The Gateway can be registered to an unlimited
number of devices so each family member can have
the app loaded on their device. As many as 50 or
more doors can be controlled by the same gateway.

The opener operates on a spread-spectrum 900
MHz band. It features a soft-start/stop DC motor
and chain drive for quiet operation; a premium
motion-detecting wall control with programmable
timer-to close feature; a keyless exterior entry pad,
two three-function remote controls, 200-watt, twinpanel
lighting; and an automatic sleep mode, which
conserves energy while the door is not operating.

“Imagine the possibilities to simplify your life.
Home owners and their family members can virtually
eliminate the inconvenience of wondering if the garage
door is closed, waiting at home for deliveries, or
feeling the frustration of being locked out,” said Kris
Malkoski, Craftsman VP/GM.

Malkowski told TWICE that as an introductory offer,
registration and activation are free. Beginning with
year two, there is an annual activation fee of $19.99.

The opener incorporates Underwriter Laboratoriesapproved
audible and visual safety alerts to warn anyone
nearby that the garage door is about to close. The
blinking lights and beeps last for eight seconds and
the door begins to close. In case someone does not
hear or see the alerts, or something is inadvertently
left in the door’s path, infrared safety reversing sensors
stop the door. A contact reversal system detects
obstructions during the closing process and reverses
the door to the fully opened position.

The entry chain and steel-reinforced belt models
retail for $189. The step-up model, which adds a
DieHard battery backup system that operates the
garage door for up to 20 cycles after the power goes
out, is $329.

Malkowski said installation of the garage door
opener is available through Sears’ service unit for an
additional charge.

Both models are covered by a 10-year motor life