Seagate Targets Tablets GoFlex Satellite


Scotts Valley, Calif. - Seagate today released the latest edition of its GoFlex line, the Satellite geared toward the iPad/Android tablet PC market.

The 500GB portable hard drive, $199, is designed as a carry-along device that will give iPad and tablet PC users extra storage capacity, said Greg Falgiano, Seagate's senior product marketing manager.

The iPad version is available today on and directly from Seagate. It will appear in Best Buy in two weeks. The Android version is expected to ship in eight weeks, Falgiano said.

The Satellite connects to the portable computer via Wi-Fi or a USB 3.0 cable and to stream video and music.

"The 500GB allows you to take your whole library, with an iPad you only have 64GB of space so you have to choose what you want to take," said Falgiano.

The Satellite automatically connects to the portable computer via a web page or directly through an app.

Seagate said that while the Satellite will compete against streaming media sources like Netflix it does offer much better video quality and is available anywhere, even on airplanes that allow Wi-Fi access.

The Satellite is powered by a lithium ion battery that delivers five-hours of video viewing time. The Satellite comes with several outlet chargers and can be charged via a USB connection.


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