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Seagate Brings Digital Content To Entertainment Centers

Seagate plans to unveil its FreeAgent Theater, which the company said represents “a completely new product direction for Seagate.”

The device is a media docking station that allows people to bring their multimedia files from their computer to their entertainment centers through the Ccompany’s FreeAgent Go storage drive rather than through streaming over a network.

To use, the consumer plugs the FreeAgent Theater dock into their TV or amplifier with the included cables and places the FreeAgent Go into the dock. In order to play the content saved on the Go drive, the user must navigate through the Theater system’s software interface which is said to automatically find and organize various types of media files.

According to a spokesperson, the device features component video, 1080i resolution and is compatible with all major players.

Jon Van Bronkhorst, Seagate’s executive director of product line marketing, told TWICE that the device is expected to be available around the end of February. Packages just featuring the dock are expected to retail for $129; packages with both a dock and a Go drive are expected to retail for $249.